Own the Wind (Chaos, #1)

Own the Wind  - Kristen Ashley This is another one of those books that there just are not enough stars for!!! Kristen Ashley. Kristen Ashley. KRISTEN ASHLEY!! You have written another absolutely amazing, beautiful book that will instantly be added to my favorite pile. You are so freaking gifted and I feel nothing but pure joy being able to get just a taste of your gift. If you write it, I will read it, no question. You want to start writing how to build a birdhouse manuals, I will read them too. There is nothing you could write that would not be fucking fantastic! What a story. I remember Tab from Motorcycle Man, I remember her watching Shy. Oh, how perfectly that moment translated in to this story of two broken people finding PURE HAPPINESS with each other. I loved so much how this story formed for us. I loved watching the effect these two people had on each other even when they weren't a part of each other’s lives. I loved watching the friendship, the trust, the growth and then the absolute EXPLOSION of love. Finding the person you can be 100% yourself with is the most beautiful thing to behold. That is what they found with each other. They needed to be who they were and they needed the other to be accepting. Nothing else would work for these two. Now…let’s talk guest appearances! Holy Moly! We got Fortnum’s and a great coffee from Tex, we got Elvira with a friend no less and of course, we all knew we would get Tack, he is Tab’s Dad after all but we didn't just get Tack, we got all the Dream Men in this one! Add to that a special guest appearance from none other than Lee Nightingale and well, you get me. I loved this book, I loved the story from the first page to the last page. Now I will go and watch the days pass until I get my next fix. Rock on!