Damaged (Damaged, #1)

Damaged (Damaged, #1) - H.M. Ward I am such a sucker for true love, fate, soul mates. Full review to come.This book has been on my TBR list forever. I always see it there and always want to read it just never seem to get to it. Book 2 came out so I figured it was time. What a pleasant surprise. Not at all what I expected. I knew it was a Hot for Teacher book but this one was not written the way I thought it would be and I loved it. I figured it was going to be nothing but full on angst and secrets, wrong. This was a love story and I really just didn’t expect that. I love Peter, love him, a lot. He is so damaged, but not over the top angry. He is trying to live, he smiles, he laughs, he tries. Sidney is really damaged as well. Meeting Peter, talking to him, we got to see who she could be, should be and I hope will be. The dialogue between Peter and Sidney had me laughing out loud. Picturing them dancing. The small smiles, the teasing, all of it, I just loved it. The sacrifice and then the end hurt my heart. To have the chance but feel like you can’t take it and then to feel betrayal. Very well done. I am reading book 2 now and so hope for a HEA!! I really loved this book!