Beautiful Stranger (Beautiful Bastard, #2)

Beautiful Stranger (Beautiful Bastard, #2) - Christina Lauren Holy WOW! Hello there Stranger…Max…Holy HELL! Brilliant! The premise of this book had me a little nervous. I am not the biggest fan of the pretend scenarios only because we always know they never go the way they are supposed to. There are ALWAYS feelings, and usually when someone discovers these feelings they run. What a wonderful surprise this was! They were almost completely functional! From the initial meeting to the Friday nights to the, well, to the drama that has to happen, the chemistry, heat, passion, whatever between these two was just off the charts! You felt it and felt that they were made for each other. Both giving something to each other that the other needed and never even realized they did. Max needed to be seen for himself, not because of the money and the celebrity and Sara needed to find who she was, be young and a little wild. They worked that. They gave it. I loved them! Getting a dual POV in this book made it just that much better. “Do you think we’re really intimate?”“Do you?”She nodded. “When did that happen?”“When has it been anything other than intimate? You just wanted to ignore it.”I loved when they had this conversation. This part of the book was a little bit out of my comfort zone but I understood what they were doing, what he was doing for her and her for him. It fit with the rest of the book, and didn’t ruin anything for me, it was just me that wasn’t that comfy with it. Luckily though, it was just a scene and a tastefully done one at that.And now back to that drama. It had to happen. THANK GOD it happened towards the end and was quick lived. The best part of this book was that they were together the whole time so I was very happy to see when we got the drama it was quick like ripping a Band-Aid off. And, that drama was perfect. Flipped the script and opened up their eyes even more to what they were to each other. Sara had to see things from the other side, somewhere she had never really been. Max made her and it was beautiful.I wish we would have gotten just a peek into their future. One can only hope there will be another book and we will see where they ended up. So, I LOVED Beautiful Stranger and I loved Beautiful Bastard. After I read BB I realized somehow I read the original book, I guess there are two versions? Anyway, I loved it. I hope to read the other version at some point, I guess it’s more polished and the story is different? BS was very polished and well written so I really think I should go back and read the “real” version of BB. Really looking forward to more from these authors.