Read. Book Reviews by Jennifer

Read. Read. Read. I have been a reader since I learned how. It’s what I do. Everything else is kind of secondary, but shhh, that is just between us! I can’t actually remember any time in my life where I didn’t read. I am an addict and do not hide it or am I looking for a cure. I love reading so much I just got Read. tattooed on my arm so I can see it when I read.


I love reading books that have romance in them. They can have whatever else they want to but I love to have at least a touch of romance. Of course, I love a full blown romance too! I am not a big fan of real life stories or stories that rip my heart out. Too much emotion hurts my heart and I read for an escape. I also try to stay away from overly dark reads. There is a fine line that I walk and if I consider something that seems out of my comfort zone I have to read a lot of reviews and talk to other readers first.


When I am not reading I am very active on Goodreads. Reading reviews, writing reviews and chatting about books is second best to the actual reading. I don’t know how I lived without Goodreads. If I could go back in time and catalog everything I have ever read I would know true happiness. One day I would at least like to get all the books I own added to Goodreads. I have always been obsessed with keeping track. I always had lists with me so I knew what I read, what I wanted to read and what I owned. Now having one place to do this and with friends is amazing!


I try to review everything I read. I don’t usually provide a synopsis on my review; I focus more on what I honestly thought about the book. This opinion could at times be very long winded or sometimes just a sentence or two. I love reading and love to share my thoughts with others. Hopefully it will help them decide they also want to read the book. I will never be one of those amazing reviewers. You know the ones that I mean, you can’t miss them. But I do read daily and usually have something to say about the book that I read.